Prenota Subito

The Relais were Nobel Prize
Winner Camillo Golgi was hosted.

The villa is located in the tourist resort of Aprica, next to the lower terminal of the Baradello chairlift, and a short walk from the city centre. Dating from the beginning of the twentieth century, it was originally built in the art nouveau style and carefully restored in the year 2007.
This luxury country house, situated at 1170 m above sea level, enjoys a quiet and sunny location, and offers a private garden and private parking.



Guests sojourning at Villa Brioschi enjoy a cosy atmosphere. They will be greeted with utmost affability by Monica, the architect who presided over all renovation works, and by members of her family, the present owners of the residence.

Every corner, every detail hints at a bond with time past, a time which still exudes elegance and glamour. The furniture, the interior decorations of the rooms, all the ornaments and various bits and pieces, reveal the total commitment of the owners to re-establish a glory never effaced, while the exclusiveness and the sophistication peculiar to the residence since its very beginning are preserved and emphasized.


Relais Villa Brioschi
Via Valeriana, 187
25040 Aprica (SO)
tel. 0342 745681 - fax. 0364 737549